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Creating Warm Natural Feeling on Traditional Interior Design

With too many modern styles in design that people often use for their interior, you may want to search for other interior design alternative that you could use. Modern style interior sometimes give us cold atmosphere, then why do not you use traditional interior design which have warmer atmosphere that surely suitable for your house. Moreover when you use this kind of design you would not need to change the look too often, you could just add and remove a few things just to refresh the look. It is also very easy to achieve since the boundaries is not as tight as modern style design. 

Creating Traditional Home with Warm atmosphere

Furniture: the style of your furniture will give huge impact on the room because it should be used as the focal point of each room. In traditional design you could try to find furniture with claw food legs, finials decoration, embellishment and many others. Usually traditional furniture would consist of many carving on its surface, and this is what makes the furniture more beautiful. You would not be able to use this kind of furniture when you use modern style design.

Colors: colors in traditional design mostly consist in warm tone with combination of light and dark color. It would be better when you paint your wall in light color then use the dark color to accentuate it on the things you have inside the room. But do not change the color of your wall to drastic because each room should be in the same tone even though you could use different shade for traditional interior design

Fabric: for traditional interior design the fabric should show smooth and soft feeling from its material. Velvet and crewel would be suitable as of damask and chintz, but choose earth color without any shine on the fabric. For window treatment you could use as many fabrics as you want because in traditional style you could have heavy drapery that comes from the top and lay on the floor. Embroidery would also make the fabric becomes more luxurious which also used as decoration element on the fabric.

Lighting: you could find traditional lighting on antique store or find new one with traditional style. Pewter, bronze, and brass would be the most suitable material since it has been used a long time ago. Chandelier as well as floor and table lamp would be considered as classic choice when you use suitable color or earth tone. You may also use glass material for your lighting but you need to have it in suitable color to be considered as traditional one.

Accessories: to make huge impact on your traditional interior design you need to use suitable accessories in your room. Place big rugs on the floor with beautiful traditional pattern. Painting of beautiful scenery placed inside carved frame will add natural atmosphere to your room. Living plant and flowers in dark natural color surely add comfortable feeling. You could also use your antique sets of dining as well as other antique collection that you have.

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