Choosing Suitable Interior Design Theme for Your Room

Sometimes using only common interior design might be too boring for you. That is why you may want to use themed design for your interior. However, choosing interior design theme may not as easy as it seems because you may not know how to incorporate those themes into your interior. One thing that you should always remember when you want to use themed interior is that you should always match it with your own personality because your house will show who you are, and it would be more comfortable for you if you use something that you truly love.

Using nice theme for your interior personality

Beach theme interior: if you love to go to the beach you surely become very comfortable in beach themed room. Use ocean blue color for your furniture while the wall should be paint in sandy beige color. Put your old surfboard and hung it on the wall to make focal point decoration. Indoor palm plant could also be used as decoration. A lot of seashell accessories could easily be found these days that could be use on chandelier, lamp, picture frame and many other. If you have your own collection of seashell you could put it inside glass coffee table.

Country theme interior: if you love to go to the countryside you will see that they have beautiful interior design theme there. Use a lot of flowers and plant picture as decoration; use more natural color such as brown, blue, yellow, and green. Quilt and gingham checks pattern could be used as decoration. Big patterned rug should be place on your dark colored wood floor to add some tone to it. Chandelier would also work well with this time but if you want to, you could also use crystal lamps.

Color theme interior: when you do not want to use specific theme, then color theme would be the choice since you could just pick a color and stick with it during your interior design. But remember to choose the matching color since using only one color would make the room feels too much. You should also use different shade on each color so the gradation could make the other color more visible. Add neutral color as the background to amplify the color you choose. Use the main color as the furniture color while using other matching color for decoration.

Character theme interior: this kind of interior design theme might be more suitable for children, although not little adult who also used it for their playroom. Choose one character that you love and see which color combination that the character has on its costume. Use that color to paint your background so it would be more suitable when you put many figure in the character inside the room. Find big poster of the character to put it on the wall and become the focal point of the room. Other accessories that you place, which is not in the shape of the character, should also have the same color, but it would be better when you could find items with character picture on the surface.

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