Handy Tips to Design Minimalist Home Decor

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate perfection and sophistication. Based on that belief, minimalist home décor is based and created. If you are a type of person who doesn’t like to deal with clutter and mess – and you prefer clean style that focuses more on shapes, forms, layout, and placement – then the minimalist home décor is the perfect option for you.

Minimalist design isn’t always plain, dull, or boring; this is one of the most common mistakes people make. In home improvement and décor, minimalist design can even improve the total appearance and atmosphere of the house. It may seem simple to arrange and execute, but it is not that easy. In fact, to come up with minimalistic décor that isn’t dull or boring is a challenge that all interior designers must defeat.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your house with this style of décor, though. There are some handy ideas and tips that you can try if you want to pull through artistic and stylish minimalist design into your personal living space. You don’t have to own interior design knowledge or skill to turn your personal crib into a professional and stylish house.

Choose the Appropriate Color

Just because you are dealing with minimalistic design, it doesn’t mean that you need to stick to one color option only. You can combine two or even three colors altogether, but make sure that it is not too crowded or colorful, or you will turn your minimalistic design into a very ‘loud and noisy’ décor. If you want to design your kitchen in minimalistic design, you can paint the room in light blue with light yellow counters. The colors are contrastive, but they are within the same color palette which makes them attractive in overall perspective. If you want to have a more harmonious effect, you can choose several colors in the same hue with one contrast hue. For instance, the light blue kitchen will look great with dark blue rug or dark blue dining table – of course, the yellow kitchen cabinets are still included within the plan. There is no need to add accessories or patterns; as long as the colors are appropriate and proper.

Minimalist Design is Identical with Clean Space

As the name suggests, minimalist is always identical with clutter free arrangement. If you choose minimalist design, it will produce better streamline and organized look, as well as bringing order to the overall layout. That’s why minimalistic design is great when applied to small space, because it delivers clean and clutter free effect. In regular and traditional home décor, you may have sofa set with coffee table, display shelf, TV cabinets, or also book shelf in the living room, for instance. You may also include various accessories such as the paintings, photo frames, wall accessories, and others. In minimalistic design, you won’t find such messy and ‘crowded’ arrangement. In minimalistic décor, you probably only find a sofa set with coffee table, TV with its brackets, and a display shelf. The wall may only be accented with photo frames for the accessories. According to professional minimalist designer, the stress-less environment is the total achievement in implementing the minimalistic décor. Try to hide the things that will cause clutter, and show off the stuffs that matter into your home décor. It is okay to use cabinets to conceal the stuffs you don’t want others to see. In modern minimalistic design, you can also use tasteful or adorable baskets or boxes to make everything look organized and arranged.

Keep It Simple

In minimalistic design, it is important to choose the main element and work your way around it. If you want to choose the right color, for instance, you can choose the main hue as the focal element and use it as the basic platform. In the previous light blue kitchen, for example, the main hue is definitely light blue, with additional yellow and dark blue to complement the whole look. Consider adding one or two additional elements for support. Adding too many will only confuse the whole design and you can’t get the minimalistic idea you want. If you have a stone accent wall in the back porch, for instance, you can use it as the main platform and build your theme from it. You can pair such accent and texture with wicker chair and table, paved floor, and tropical theme. Simply focus on an element. If you choose more than one important element, everything will be too crowded and they may crash against each other.

Minimalist Design Requires Balance

Although minimalistic design is all about simplicity, it doesn’t mean that your décor should look plain and unattractive. That’s why you need balance, so everything will be well arranged. You can gather up artworks, pillows, or even lamps in asymmetrical order – from big to small, or vice versa – or in flanking pair mode. It will affect the way you look at the room or how you perceive your personal space. Juxtaposition or balance can be achieved when you are able to create categories and include the items within the matching categories. Balance element is important to make your room look livelier and more cheerful, but it may require deeper understanding. You are always welcome to consult professional designer, but you can also consult Google and learn thoroughly from the various sources.

Have a Focal Point

In whatever style or décor you choose, having a focal point is important. After all, it will affect the way other people look at the décor and the arrangement of the room. Include the stuffs you love as the focal point. If you are proud so much of your leather sofa, you can make it as the focal point, or if you like your marble island, it can be a great focal point in the kitchen. It will help if you are thinking about your room as an artistic grid with horizontal and vertical lines used to introduce the art, furniture, color, object, and many other elements. If you can control such element, the overall effect will be powerful in affecting the way you design everything.

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